aretousa-hotel-eksoSkiathos The Island now combines the cosmopolitan atmosphere with spectacular scenery and tranquility. White houses with tile roofs, built amphitheater, secluded beaches, sandy beaches, pine and walnut trees, breathtaking sunsets.

The natural environment of the island offers hospitality to many species of migratory birds The population of Skiathos, is growing day by day. During the summer, is very active thanks to regular flights from abroad.

The tourist infrastructure is so modern, that guarantees an unforgettable luxurious stay fishing, swimming, fine dining, nightlife, cultural and sporting events. These are some of the most interesting things we can offer this small island.

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Ειδικό σήμα λειτουργίας κύριων τουριστικών καταλυμάτων ΜΗΤΕ: 07 26 Κ 01 2Α 00023 0 1